Explore Osa Tours is owned and managed by Bahia Banano S.A., a Costarrican Corporation also in charge of the Banana Bay Marina, Hotel & Sportfishing Center located in Golfito, Costa Rica, and the Rancho Tamales located in Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica among other properties.

Explore Osa Tours is in charge of the tour operation at the Rancho Tamales (formerly known as Rancho Tropical). The reservation office is located at the Banama Bay Marina, Hotel & Sportfishing Center in downtown Golfito.

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Rancho Tamales is a 1000 acre farm located along the Rio Tamales 25 minutes drive South of Puerto Jimenez or 15 minutes North of Matapalo in the Osa Peninsula. Rancho Tamales has pristine rainforests and rugged natural beauty. The ranch is next to the Corcovado National Park. This protected area has one of the largest populations of scarlet macaws in Costa Rica. All four species of monkeys, toucans, and both sloth species live on this property.

Our tours are unique. While most horseback tours allow their customers to bake in the sun, we take our customers by horseback or tractor safari up the Rio Tamalez river bed through shaded jungle over cool running water. The river cools the air and attracts wildlife. Our tree climbing tour is rigorous even for the most adventurous in your group. The tractor safari is a leisurely way to experience the flora and fauna if riding horseback is not appealing.



Once an island floating in the Pacific, the Osa evolved in isolation until it merged with mainland Costa Rica by way of the same fault system that extends to California. Located along the Central American isthmus, Costa Rica itself is a hotspot of biological diversity, as innumerable species poured into the land bridge created when the two American hemispheres joined together. When the Osa Peninsula joined the mix nearly 2 million years ago, the area became a tropical landscape of unprecedented richness. The Peninsula is estimated to house 2.5% of the biodiversity of the entire world – while covering less than a thousandth of a percent of its total surface area – truly earning its title as the most biological intense place on earth.


Declared ‘one of the most biologically intense places on earth’ by the National Geographic Magazine, the Osa Peninsula have today, become the premier eco-tourism destination in the country.


With a large chunk of the peninsula forming the Corcovado National Park, this area has the single largest expanse of a lowland tropical rainforest in Central America and is one of the tallest rainforests in the world. Corcovado National Park is one of the richest and most diverse tropical areas on the planet. It covers nearly half of the entire peninsula and has the largest lowland rainforest in Central America.


One of the last places in Costa Rica to be settled and still sparsely populated, the Osa is covered almost entirely in magnificent, virgin rainforest extending all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Separating it from the mainland is the Golfo Dulce – one of only four tropical fjords on the planet. The Golfo Dulce is in fact the only place on the globe where populations of both Northern and Southern Humpback whales meet to birth their young.



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