Pack and Go

Awesome Tours

HorseBack Riding


2.5 Hours
7:30 am (animal and birtwhaching tour)
11:00 am 
2:30 pm

Ride horseback through the dense rain forest, the lowland meadow, to the top of the mountains, into the jungle and across the Pacific coastal rocky beaches

Tree Climbing


2.5 Hours

This adventure begins with horseback riding along the wild rainforest trails.

Tropical Safari RAINFOREST


2 Hours

Navigate through the dense rainforest along Rio Tamales aboard our custom off-road safari vehicle—an excellent option for young children and older adults who prefer not to explore on horseback.

Rainforest Hiking


2.5 Hours
During this expedition, discover colorful bird species, fascinating mammals and many different insect species while walking in the dense, lush rainforest of the Osa Peninsula.